That means it’s so flexible, it can pretty much be tailored to meet you and your individual lifestyle. While The 1:1 Diet works for almost everyone, we also know that in some cases, a diet might not be the right thing for you, that’s why our Consultants check in with the medical experts before signing you up to guide you through your personalised plan. They will also let you know right away if you shouldn’t be on the plan.

Who shouldn't do The 1:1 Diet?

There are some cases where you should not go on a calorie-restricted diet, like The 1:1 Diet. Children under the age of 14 should not do the plan, or people with an eating disorder. If you are pregnant or breast feeding, enjoy that mommy-nursing time and we will see you later when all is settled.

There are a handful of medical conditions, which use particular treatments that may mean a person should not use The 1:1 Diet. Your Consultant will be able to advise you based on your own unique circumstances so contact them today to find out more.

For a little inspiration check out who The 1:1 Diet has worked for. Click here.

Richard Puplampu

I was a self-confessed comfort eater. I felt happy eating my favourite naughty foods. The big problem, apart from my size, was that I’d feel depressed once I had eaten everything on the table. It was a cycle I couldn’t shake off.

The turning point happened in Greece while away with the lads. I was sitting on the beach, it was 30 degrees and I was wearing a T-shirt. My friends had their tops off and I was too embarrassed to take mine off. If I went swimming, the T-shirt stayed on. I did pluck up the courage to take it off but once I did I became the butt of everyone’s jokes. A girlfriend said that I had bigger boobs than her. I was really hurt by the comment but laughed it off. On my return to the home I knew something had to change.

Charlotte H.

I was the classic yo-yo dieter

Boredom was the motivator to eat anything and everything. I was a child who loved to eat and always cleared my plate.

By time I had reached my mid-teens, I had lost some weight, which I believe was down to a lifestyle change. I lived with my auntie while attending college, which was a four-hour commute every day – little time for eating when you’re on the go. But at 20-years-old I was accepted into university. The combination of having the freedom to eat when I liked again and having friends who also had a passion for eating out, helped my weight to sky-rocket once more.

Suzi S.

I’ve always battled with my weight. Raising children whilst juggling a career, and looking after a very demanding husband in what was a very abusive and destructive marriage, I had no time to spend looking after and caring for myself.

I became estranged from my husband and found myself on my own for the first time in my life. I had no identity and time on my hands that I didn’t know how to fill, so I filled it with eating and drinking and spiralled into a miserable existence. My size increased, and I felt myself growing older and unhappier by the day.

Ayo O. and Darren W.

We probably gained weight for the same reasons, regularly eating out with our families and not picking the healthiest foods to fit in around our busy jobs. Ayo knew every service station on his way to work and what he could get in each. ‘I’d snack on sweets and crisps between stations, then I’d pause for my coffee fix, ordering calorific drinks every time’.

Darren was renowned for his sweet tooth, filling his lunchbox for work with chocolate biscuits and cakes, and never turning down a treat with a cup of tea when meeting with clients. ‘I was also a fan of regular coffee stops for milky coffees!

Ian S.

In 1986, I suffered a serious back injury which gradually got worse and in 1996 I suffered serious degradation of my spine discs, forcing me to have to retire. Immobility followed 8 months bedridden, and my weight increased dramatically.

My wife Maria died suddenly at the age of 49 and my weight went up even more. The delayed shock of Maria’s death took effect, and I was soon on anti-depressants together with increasing amounts of painkillers and whisky I used to numb the growing pain.

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure; serious sleep apnoea; and arthritis in my knees. However my weight gain continued.

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