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Work with me, Tamantha Williams, with The 1:1 Diet which allows YOU to learn the absolute essential foundational steps of not only losing weight but KEEPING IT OFF.  This process will allow YOU as an individual to be successful in WEIGHTLOSS with the added benefit of my support as your Consultant.  I pay close attention, I support you, give you great advise and pride myself in my attention to your individual requirements, yes, life happens, but I make your journey WORK regardless.  

Having worked in this arena for 8 years and removing 8 TONS of weight of the planet in that time, I KNOW I can, and would LOVE to help YOU with YOUR journey.

Life can be a university of hard knocks,  most people tend to get stuck in a grove and keep grooving,  I bypass the grove and support your personal transformation. Let me assist and help you find YOUR sweet spot in life when it comes to looking AND feeling great!  


Loser at diets – age 42

“So the day I decided to call Tam, I made it clear that I wanted results – I had failed miserably before, I did not want a coach, I only wanted to change this body with the right tools. Soon after I met Tam I learnt that the consultation was vital, she always had an answer, a suggestion, direction, light in a somewhat dark tunnel always coaching me in a direction of success on my journey. I lost 23kgs with her and could not be happier, as a Mom of 3 busy children, this has made all the difference!”

Teresa Smit

Claiming my life – age 24

“Tam’s plan is difficult at times and needs your undivided attention and complete commitment. I might not be there yet, but I know I am on a journey of loving me and my life again and I do love this process. Tam coaches me weekly, she holds my hand, she does not fix me, she helps me transform myself”

Sandy Erasmus

Addicted – age 37

“I was always the happy one, most of my life I hid the inner turmoil and my attempt to stay on track in life, most of the time I found myself in dark places that led to greater insecurities and led to even worse dependencies…. couple of months forward, Tam’s support was in fact the answer, she became my consciousness on a weekly basis, my soundboard and my learning curve on how to work things out. My life changed. My thanks to her, never was she dogmatic, judgemental or micro managing, she knew… if it is to be, it is up to me.”

Business Owner

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