Still want to lose weight this December?

Want to still lose weight this December, you can make it happen with The 1:1 Diet. 

The festive season is the time of year when people like to over-indulge, but we understand it can be a difficult time for those on a diet, because there aren’t many healthy options available! Do not worry, here at The 1:1 Diet we have you covered. Why not spoil yourself with our tasty treat this Christmas?

We compiled some recipes to keep you on your plan during this festive time.

A few tips first…

1.Keep your portion small and all your total calories within your daily plan target.

2.Hydrate and hydrate. Drink 3lit of water throughout the day

3.Keep moving, be active as much as you can to burn a few calories. Those dance moves during celebrations will help. Download the Get Active guide for motivation

4.Have 1 or 2 1:1 Diet meals a day, and then indulge in any of the exciting recipes. Download the eating plan for further guidance


– Crumble half a Bar (any bar of your choice) into a glass and pat it down

-Makeup half your Vanilla Shake* with water and pure gelatine to make a mousse (for best results use a hand blender)

-Pour your Vanilla Shake mousse mix over your crumbled Bar

-Set in the fridge for 10 minutes

-Add some festive sprinkle with some ground cinnamon on top, yule love it!

227 calories and suitable on any Step!

*Why not mix it up and try a different flavour shake too? Make it a scrummy chocolate festive cheesecake with our Chocolate Shake.

Speak to your local Consultant to get your hands on the Bars and any Shake you would like to try before it’s too late!

Here are a few more recipes, for you to indulge in this Festive


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