Skander’s stats

Age  – 28
Height  – 188 cms
Start weight  – 139 kg
Current weight  – 92 kg
Total loss  – 47 kg

Man of the Year Runner Up 2016/17

My story

Coming from a specific cultural heritage and community, I recognised that food was a large part of every event. Food represented my feelings and was the only aspect of my life that I controlled, so I chose to eat anything and everything.

I successfully graduated, but my weight continued to creep higher. I required regular diabetes checks, help for weight-related sleep apnoea, and a hospital stay and treatment for a suspected pulmonary embolism.

Graduating allowed me to start teaching and fulfil my childhood dreams of helping others. This was further reaffirmed as I taught children with severe SEN (special educational needs).

The irony was that in wanting to help others and be a good role model, I had lost the same dedication for myself and my young children. As I experienced the loss of two of my extremely young pupils, it encouraged me to recognise the value of life.

The birth of my own children further pushed me to question my choices. As my young boys began to walk, run and play, I realised that I was unable to provide them with the experiences and fulfilment that a parent should.

I had done so much for the children I taught, but the fact that my own children were at a disadvantage due to my weight was a horrifying realisation.

I made a conscious decision that the New Year of 2016 would be the year I focused on myself and being the best dad that I could be. I’d always been an “outstanding” teacher, a role model for my community and for my siblings, and a son to be proud of. Now I wanted to be the best version of myself and a dad that my children could be proud of.

I came across David Quigley’s story as the CWP Man of the Year 2015/2016 and was inspired. I booked a consultation and immediately I knew I had made the right choice. The weight just dropped off because I went through each step for the recommended time, continuing to lose weight at each stage of the journey.

CWP helped me to recognise my emotions and not rely on food to deal with them. It provided me with a knowledge of what foods are good for me and how to make the correct choices. The support of the CWP community was overwhelming because anyone who had experienced the journey was willing to support and help, and it truly felt like one big family.

Since losing the weight my life has totally transformed – I have had countless people who have been inspired by my journey and have chosen to also start their CWP journey, including my mum.

I am now an avid gym member and feel confident about the clothes I wear and the way I look. As a result of my increased confidence, I also secured a job promotion and was able to successfully secure a place on a highly prestigious course.

I’m most proud that I can go swimming or to the park with my boys and they don’t have to watch as all the other dads play football with their sons.

The smiles on my children’s faces and the proud look from my parents is all the affirmation I need that this was the best decision I ever made.

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