Shannen’s stats

Age  – 22
Height  – 163 cms
Start weight  – 112.5 kg
Current weight  – 61.5 kg
Total loss  – 51 kg

My story

October 2014 was my first midwife appointment, and the embarrassment I felt hearing that my BMI would put me and my unborn baby at risk was disgraceful. I had to have diabetes tests and extra scans just to make sure my baby was growing ok and I wasn’t depriving him of nutrients.

My pregnancy was full of complications – I started bleeding at 26 weeks and even went into preterm labour at 29 weeks. Whilst in labour at 37 weeks, my body went into shock and started to shut down. I had to have an emergency C-section by General Anaesthetic, but they couldn’t get an air way open. had to put me on a life support machine and ventilator. While this was happening, they lost my little boys heart rate and didn’t know if he would be born alive or not. I didn’t meet or bond with him for 2 days while I was in ITU.

Whilst breastfeeding, I didn’t eat anything fresh like fruit or vegetables because his stomach was sensitive. Instead I lived on a carb filled diet and didn’t exercise – my BMI got higher and my waist got bigger. I was wearing maternity clothes 10 months after giving birth, but I was in a bubble and saw nothing but my son.

This developed into a cycle of depression from feeling far too fat, with no confidence and zero self-esteem. I would wear loads of make up to try and take away my feelings of hating myself for what I had become. I watched other moms going for walks with their new pushchairs and babies, but I would get out of breath and sweaty – I couldn’t think of anything worse!

My mom and grandma had high cholesterol and high blood pressure, so I just accepted that the same would happen to me. I would catch glimpses in the mirror and think who is this person. I couldn’t recognise myself. When somebody wanted to take pictures of me and my beautiful little boy, I would cry inside because I knew I would hate the picture.

One day I heard from a friend who had followed Cambridge Weight Plan. I searched for my local Consultant on the website, and after meeting with my fantastic Consultant the thought of getting back to my pre-baby body excited me and gave me a boost.

I started the CWP on the 16th May 2016, nearly a week before my sons 1st birthday party! There were no more excuses, and no amount of my favourite buffet food or beautiful chocolate cake would tempt me to stray.

For me it was much more than confidence and losing weight. The ability to follow through something I wanted for myself and achieve it was a feeling beyond what I ever imagined at that point in my life. I have gained a lot of love and respect for myself which I didn’t think possible and for the first time ever I can say I love how I look!

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