Rebecca’s stats

Age – 37
Height  – 160 cms
Start weight  – 159.6 kg
Current weight  – 99.5 kg
Total loss  – 60 kg

My story

I am Rebecca Galane,37 years old and on my journey to lose weight through The 1:1 Diet, the was a time I did not have weight issues and life was going well for me until I gave birth to my baby girl in 2006, picked up too much weight but things seem okay for me until life knocked me out with its challenges, during the journey of tying to overcome my challenges- I found a breakthrough, food was my best friend and it closed many gaps that people couldn’t fill, food could never break a heart, it could never hurt your feelings and that is how I got to live an unhealthy not knowing that the impact would affect my health.

I used to eat like there’s no tomorrow, always prefer 5 fat cakes around 07:00 not as part of breakfast, around 10 is breakfast time I will have 5 slices of bread or even more, sometimes I can go through the day with pap as breakfast, lunch and supper, have hot chips as a snack, always go for unhealthy food, if I went to the mall I can have pizza as my meal then later fried chicken to finish with, I hardly drank water and often using water when I’m brushing my teeth, I preferred to drink fizzy drinks.

I wasn’t aware that slowly I’m killing myself, I could notice that I was picking weight and that didn’t bother me, even when my clothes size were getting smaller, I didn’t worry, to me I was fine and I thought it was cool because being oversized way a way to show people that life is good and blooming with happiness, it was the only way I found comfort and breakthrough.

In November 2018, I realised I am wearing size 48, it felt like within a split second I moved from size 28 to 48, to be honest, I don’t know what happened, I recall one morning felt my heart beating faster than normal and I felt very tired, while I was still concentrating on that lifestyle, when I heard about The 1:1 Diet through word of mouth around March 2019, I ignored it, I did not see anything wrong with me and losing weight seems like a difficult route for me. June 2019, I started to experience severe headaches day by day, then on the 16th of June, it became worse when there’s pain.

On the left side of my head, I started facing my fears heart attacks kept running through my mind, I did not have the strength to go through
my life being sick, I was also scared of being admitted to hospital, what about my life, my child, my plans??? through panic, I remembered The 1:1 Diet and made the decision to take serious action about my unhealthy lifestyle, it was on the 19th June when I made an appointment and meet the friendly consultant, the assessment report conducted was shocking, I was also embarrassed because it was my fault that my body was 157kg, my body water less than 27 and hypertension stage, with all this guilt running through y mind.

I then learned that I had to lose 88kg to be in good health, it felt like an impossible goal, the friendly consultant at The 1:1 Diet assured me that it was possible and a few of my family and friends promised to be there for me through this journey, I then felt it was worth a try although I was not actually believing in myself, I also wanted to be healthy, I did not want to suffer medically because of an unhealthy lifestyle.

At the time, I felt hopeless, it was my friend Phuti, who encouraged me that it was doable but only if I remain dedicated and committed to The 1:1 Diet and at the same time the friendly consultant was amazing but strict in a beautiful way. I appreciate the support from both of them and felt lucky when I started to see things positively and think of my child and I told myself I can do it.

A few weeks later I started to see some changes in my body, regaining confidence, my body water is picking up so well, the losing weight feeling is so great, THANKS to THE 1:1 Diet

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