Quinton’s stats

Age – 43
Height  – 173 cms
Start weight  – 115.5 kg
Current weight  – 86.8 kg
Total loss  – 29 kg

My story

During 2020, I hit my heaviest weight and had some health issues as a result. The stress of COVID and being at home for most of the day meant I wasn’t moving much and so the weight just piled on. ‘My health was affected and the doctors said I had a fatty liver even though I do not drink, my feet were always swollen and I struggled to walk. In general, I had little energy and my health was terrible.

My wife started on the 1:1 diet plan in November of 2020 and I noticed how easily she was losing weight. In December she did the training to become a consultant and I signed up as her first client. The process was so easy having a wide range of products to choose from and also having my two consultants cheer me on at every weigh-in kept me on track. Some days were harder than others but it helped me being on Step 3 where I could have products as well as meals that fell within the plan. As the weight began to drop and my clothes became loose, my spirits and energy lifted. I started feeling like my old self again. The greatest benefit was that I had more energy again which allowed me to run around and play with my little boy.

I still have 5kgs to reach my goal weight and I know that the changes I have made will be permanent. I am so grateful that I was introduced to the 1:1 Diet and hope that my story can inspire other men to take their health seriously. Heres to 29kg gone forever and yet another jean size down starting at a 40 I am now in a 34!

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