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My struggle with food started at a very early age. In primary school, I was the champion tennis player and had a fast track record in athletics. Then came high school and something happened with my body. I tried to hide the big breasts which ached when I attempted athletics, and on the tennis court running after a ball became a BIG no-no. I compensated by eating my feelings away when being teased, which resulted in me picking up loads of unwanted weight and then I was thrown off all the sports teams, as the teacher told me straight “I am far too fat for any kind of sport”.

In my matric year anorexia took over my life and became a living nightmare that lasted many years. It was my daily battle. Ultimately, I chose a career path that expects every person to always look impeccable. And these days my passion is to help others to be their best, and to become the real, true, healthy, stunning human beings they really are. I am here to support you on The 1:1 Diet to become a new confident you.

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