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I’ve never Shared my story.. So here goes

Ive had a love/hate relationship with food ever since I was a teenager and I have been dieting since. Diets would last me a week and I would then find myself giving up and having episodes of over eating again. Through my entire life up to now i have used food as my go to… Go to when I’m happy and go to when I’m not so happy, untill one day I realised how sad it actually was that I chose the one thing that caused me so much pain and suffering literally and emotionally. Food always made me feel better for a moment and I would sit with the consequences thereof, then jumping into another diet which lasts a week and then so the viscous cycle replayed itself. Some days I got it right and ate completely healthy but my mindset was always to have a treat otherwise I wouldn’t feel satisfied and that had been a tough cycle to break.¬†

In 2012 I finally managed to drop some weight but regained it all back due to life happening and emotional trauma I guess and I found myself going from being 67kgs to 88kgs. The weight gain had an huge impact on my life to the extent where I wouldn’t even want to see people because of how I looked. I stopped wanting to go out in public and avoided social gatherings with my friends.

But today year 2020, I choose to take my health and my life back and I am excited to say that I am on the Cambridge weight plan. My sister has been a great support and she has lost so much weight herself on this plan, so I know I can too. I want to wake up every day feeling proud of who I am and especially in my own skin and putting on a pair of pants without having to wonder if I look too fat. I choose one day at a time and with God’s strength in me I know I can do this in treating my body with the respect it deserves and helping others with the same issues I battled with and that I believe is why I also studied nutrition as I want to help others live a healthy life and also at the same time help myself.

I want to weight 67kg…so watch this space

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