Keabetswe’s stats

Age – 29
Height  – 170 cms
Start weight  – 141 kg
Current weight  – 119 kg
Total loss  – 21 kg

My story

My name is Keabetswe Solly Moroke and I am 29 years old. I’m originally from Mpumalanga but I currently live in Soweto. Growing up, I was not chubby but I gained weight as I grew older. My lifestyle changed a lot when I was a teenager. Life was not easy for me because my mother was not working and I got unpleasant treatment from some of my family members. In other words, I could say the environment was emotionally abusive. I had so much anger that I started misbehaving at school and I loved to fight. To deal with my anger, I started eating lots of junk food. My favourite food was ikota (bunny chow) with a cold drink. I ate two bunny chows at lunch breaks in school and I finished two litters of Coke on my own. I started gaining a lot of weight because I did not even exercise. I loved my body and I didn’t think that it would have negative effects on my life.

I met my wife in 2013 and we had our first child in 2017 and he was overweight. The child attended check-ups with different dieticians so that he could lose weight. Even after this, I still did not think there was anything wrong with my body. I did not understand why my wife was stressed about our son’s weight because he inherited my genes and we were both fine. Until February 2019, I started experiencing symptoms such as frequent urination, fatigue, slight blindness, and constant thirst. I thought I was going blind. My grandmother advised me to go see the doctor. It was my first time going to the doctor. After explaining the symptoms, the doctor diagnosed me with diabetes. He then referred me to the hospital. I went to the hospital and I was diagnosed with hypertension and DKA (Diabetic ketoacidosis) and got admitted to ICU immediately. They told me that if I didn’t get to the hospital at that time, I would have collapsed and lost my life. I spent a few weeks in the ICU and a few days in the normal ward before going home. My life changed because I started depending on medication to survive. My diet changed and my whole lifestyle had to change for the better. My doctor told me that I need to lose weight to beat this condition.

One day in 2021 my aunt told me about a Cambridge consultant based at her workplace offices in Rosebank. She then told her about me and got us an appointment. My life changed ever since I met a Cambridge consultant because she has given me hope. When I joined the program, I was weighing 141kg and I managed to lose weight to approximately 120kg. Cambridge changed my life and I am so grateful. What I love about Cambridge foods is that they make me full and they give me energy. After seeing my weight progress, my doctor reduced my BP medication because he said that it’s no longer “high”, it is normal. I thank Cambridge because even my dietician said that if I continue losing weight like this, I might get lucky and go off medication completely.

To Cambridge, please continue the lovely work you do in helping fighting obesity and others.

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