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My story

I have always been overweight the amount has just varied over the years. I was an expert in all the different diets and could just never stick to any of them, not talking about reaching my goal weight. I also found that every time I started a new diet the goal was getting more and more unreachable because I was just gaining everything I lost and some more.

I did an Integrated healing workshop and throughout the workshop used Weight loss as my preferred issue to work with. Through this I discovered that my weight problem was more than just overeating and loving food, but deep emotional hurt that had to be addressed. I also discovered that giving up before I reach my goal was also some childhood issue which I have been carrying with me all these years.

With these realizations I was seeking another way to get rid of the weight of the past that was holding me back and proof to myself that I have healed these long-standing issues in my life.

I found Cambridge! I loved the concept of not having to seek all these special ingredients and making all these boring foods. It was convenient, nutritional, and effective. It was easy to prepare and I got further support and counselling from the consultant that assisted me in my process of finding and defining my new identity.

For the first time in my life I could stick to a diet and it worked. I felt like a new person and weight was falling off. I lost a total of 34kg in 5 months. I was a new person, with a new identity and was ready to face this world with new mojo.

Thanks to my amazing consultant at the time and these amazing products, I have kept most of the weight off and have changed to a healthy way of living. Loving myself and my body.

I dare you to try this! I will assist you in finding what the underlying reasons is for your weight problem. We will together set reachable small goals and step by step will get you looking and feeling like a new person.

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