Jaen- Marie 2021 New Year Resolution: How is she doing?

In January, Jaen- Marie, a mother of 3 who lives in Witbank made a new year resolution to lose weight so she can be healthy, fit into a ball gown as she plans to enter 2021 Mrs Mpumalanga pageant soon. It’s been almost 3 months and we checked on Jaen-Marie to see how she is doing.

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To achieve my New Year goals, solicited the help of 1:1 Diet because she believes its best suitable to who she is. She visited a Consultant, Menge Letswalo in Joburg to start her journey. Menge did a personal assessment and the immediately develop a plan for her to follow. Jaen- Marie has followed her plan week on week, seeing Menge at different intervals to do her weigh in and get her meals and a gallop of advice and support.

In she first Jaen-Marie, lost weight and improved her blood pressure. She has continued to lose weight, where at only in a space of 12 weeks (3-months) she has lost 15kg. Jaen-Marie is well on her way to achieving her New Year Resolution goals.  In the next 3-months we expect Jaen-Marie will be at a healthy goal weight.  Keep cheering her on and see how she is doing here … and why not join her and find a Consultant now to help you.

Jaen – Marie is not only achieving her weight loss goal, she has started her community projects activities which will see her enter for 2021 Mrs Mpumalanga Pageant.  She recently visited a children’s home and spent a day with them giving them some food and goodies.  The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan was there to give her support and provided the children with some healthy snacks. Our low calorie highly nutritious flava beans were a winner with the kids.  

Check out all the great day that Jaen-Mari had.

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Start your reach for your goals.

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