Jaen-Mari: Drops a dress size in time for Spring!

Remember, Jaen-Mari Blignaut, a mother of 3 who lives in Witbank Mpumalanga, made a new year resolution for 2021 to lose weight so that I can be healthy and confident to enter the Mrs. Mpumalanga pageant and wear a dress of her liking that she can walk with enough confidence on stage.

On the 9th Of January 2021, she started my weight-loss journey with the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge weight plan. Her weight was 89kg and her dress size was 40. When she started she expressed feeling discouraged and insecure. She said “being a woman that believes every woman is beautiful and unique and believing in woman empowerment I felt confused by not believing in myself. I wondered how can I support other women when I am not happy with who I am”. 

She looked for help, and Menge Letsoalo, a 1:1 diet consultant in Jan Smuts Johannesburg, got her to start her journey. She says “I was scared and not sure of what to expect, knowing I have tried so many diets and products before without seeing results, I just had to put my trust in Menge and the 1:1 diet to help me get to my goal weight”.


 Since she started my journey in January she has lost 21kg and dropped a dress size from 40 to size 34. She has achieved the goal she set herself right at the beginning to fit into a dress of her liking when she enters Mrs. Mpumalanga. What an achievement for Jaen-Mari.

Not only did she slash the weight down to 68kg she has successfully entered Mrs. Mpumalanga 2022 and she is one of the finalists waiting for the crowning later this year. Jaen-Mari was chosen for Mrs. MWI England ZA, an international pageant, which she will compete in Mumbai in February 2022. 


Jaen-Mari says “I have not yet reached my goal weight but now I have so much confidence in the 1:1 diet that I believe I will reach my goal weight by November in time for the Mrs. Mpumalanga crowning event and that I will get onto the stage in a ball gown of my choice without worrying that I won’t find something that will fit me”.

“This weight-loss journey has taught me so much, and I am so grateful to The 1:1diet by Cambridge weight plan for encouraging me and supporting me on my journey, and continues to support me daily so that I can reach my goal weight and be confident in that one special dress I have chosen for the Mrs. Mpumalanga Crowning and rock the stage in a bathing suit in Asia in February.”


You want to achieve your weight and personal goals like Jaen-Mari did, why not join her during this Spring. You lose weight alongside her while she goes for her goal weight and her Mrs. Mpumalanga crown. You can access the 1:1 Diet meals and support from our accredited Consultant across the country. Plus we have so many discounted meals on offer to make your weight-loss and health journey affordable.


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