Jaen- Mari 2021 New Year Resolution: A Year of Weight Goals and more

My name is Jaen-Mari, I am a mother of 3, my son is an energetic 7-year -old, a teenage daughter of 15 years old, and a mother of an Angel who got her angel wings at the age of 9 years old in 2019, and married for 12 years I live in Witbank.

Over the past years, I have entered beauty pageants and I hold the titles of Mrs. Sky Nations 1st princess 2019, Mrs. Pearl of the Highveld 2019, and Mrs. Queen of the Provincia 2020.

I have always felt too conscious about my weight even though I have walked on-ramps in front of people.

For 2021, I made a resolution to lose some weight and get healthy. I want to get to a healthy goal weight, look, and feel good. I am aiming to enter and win the 2021 Mrs. Mpumalanga pageant. I would like to walk the ramp feeling confident and in the dress of my liking. I don’t want to fit into any dress, but the one that I have always wanted to wear.

To achieve my New Year goals, I have solicited the help of The 1:1 Diet because I believe its best suitable to who I am. It is the diet for me, and it will help me lose weight easily and seamlessly throughout the year. I intend to walk the journey with the help of my Consultant, Tammy. I invite you to look out for my weight loss journey on my various social media channels. You can even join me on this journey too and work on your weight, I will appreciate the buddy and motivation from anyone who has the same New Year Resolutions.

Over and above losing weight, I will be focusing on my Mrs. Mpumalanga pageant activity entry projects. The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan will help support me feed children in and around Mpumalanga who are in desperate need of food and nutrition. We would like you to participate with us on these projects. If you want to donate to my projects, contact me on any of my social media platforms or send an email to jmblignaut86@gmail.com and participate in building healthy kids.

These are my New Year resolutions… What are yours?

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