Diet-beat-ease: Day alarm for men

In Support to both Diabetes and Movember initiatives, we want to bring a word in that says to men “It is possible to be healthy and reverse diabetes”.  Stopping Diabetes, Pre-diabetes and Insulin Resistance on its tracks addresses many other underlying health conditions face, including some cancers and mental health.  When we tackle this conversation with men, we need to also help them take the action required for their health.

A quarter of men are unaware that obesity (caused by food choices they make, read more our blog on obesity) is the leading cause of type 2 diabetes, according to a new study recently commissioned at The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

According to Statistics South Africa, 30% of South Africa’s male population are overweight or obese. A key issue is men feel less able to openly discuss their weight and, as a result, do not receive the right support. 

Today (14th November) is World Diabetes Day and there is a call for greater transparency between the health condition and weight, while also putting an end to the shame surrounding dieting. Many men still perceive a stigma attached to changing their eating habits and being on a diet.  Men’s Health deserves the much-needed attention it has been taken to-date. Whether its Mental Health, or Prostate Cancer or Diabetes Type 2 in Men, helping Men’s tackle their own health will lead to a healthy society.

The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan has the Productsthe Plan and one-to-one support to men achieve your goal, right here in Southern Africa.  The solution we have has been put to the test through numerous trial studies to give us the confidence we can tackle the Type 2 Diabetes in Men.

One such study is DiRECT trial, led by experts at the University of Glasgow and the University of Newcastle. It revealed more than a third (36%) of people with type 2 diabetes, who took part in a dietician-led weight management programme, are in remission two years later.

Professor Michael Lean, Chair of Human Nutrition at Glasgow University, diabetes specialist physician at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, and co-primary investigator of DiRECT, said: “DiRECT has proved that type 2 diabetes can be put into remission for two years for two-thirds of people if they can lose at least 10 kilos. That is life-changing and incredibly exciting for the medical profession. The trial was particularly successful for men, who tended to lose a little more weight than women and had more remissions. I would like people with type 2 diabetes now to look forward to World No-Diabetes Day.”

No one should be ashamed of dieting and wanting to adopt a better lifestyle for the sake of their health. We want to encourage everyone, especially men, to break the stigma when it can have such a positive effect in the long-term.

The fact so many men are unaware of the links between obesity and type 2 diabetes is evidence that further education and support is needed. As the DiRECT trial proved, obese people can lose weight and keep it off with a combination of one-to-one support, eating the right foods and having a set plan to work to. It seems their only barriers, therefore, are openly making the decision to want to lose weight and then selecting the right diet to help them achieve their personal weight loss goals.

Father-of-two Joe Paterson, 56, from Stockport in the UK, was in denial about his obesity for years but has now managed to reverse his type 2 diabetes after losing 32kg on The 1:1 Diet.

He said: “The biggest achievement in losing 32kg has been reversing my diabetes. It was such a relief knowing I was going to see my two girls grow up, be able to walk them proudly down the aisle and spend the rest of my life with my wife, Helen, without my condition hanging over my head.

“The one-to-one support I received from my weight loss consultant, Sarah Cash, has been overwhelming. Without it, I would not be a healthy and happy man I am today.”

To learn more about the DiRECT trial head to

Want to start your weight-loss journey? The 1:1 Diet is here in South Africa, just press the Find a Consultant and one of our Consultant call you immediately.

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