Low-Calorie Diets for Diabetes Type 2, Reversal is possible!

Moving from Health Awareness Month of October, where Breast Cancer was brought to the spot-light, alongside the importance of Nutrition and the risk of Obesity (read more on our blog here). We now in November put the spot-light on Diabetes, as well as support the Movember initiatives, at the forefront of tackling Men’s Health.

Health is at the cornerstone of the best life we want to live and should live.  With what we experiencing with Covid-19 we now know we cannot take the comorbidity (lifestyle conditions) lightly anymore. We cannot just pay lip service without taking drastic actions, otherwise the high risk of early death increases.

Some governments and individuals are taking action to reverse diabetes Type 2, what about you?

We have the Productsthe Plan and one-to-one support to help you achieve your goal, right here in Southern Africa.

We have seen in the UK, their Government National Health System, take drastic steps to help those with Type 2 diabetes announcing that they will pilot ‘soup and shake diets’ and ‘low-calorie diets,’ to treat obesity and put Type 2 diabetes into remission. The participants will consume 800kcals a day to lose weight and restore their health. This pilot programme is being offered because of the results of theDiRECT study in 2018, which used the 1:1 Diet products together with one-to-one support we offer. The results are glowingly positive about low-calorie diets and their remarkable effects on obesity and Type 2 diabetes remission.

We are very proud that, outside of surgery, the most beneficial thing for overweight and obese diabetic and pre-diabetic people is proven to be total diet replacement products such as the ones we offer, along with one-to-one support.

The positive results of low-calorie diets just keep coming. In 2018, in the PREVIEW study, one-third of the subjects reversed their pre-diabetes. This was about the same time that the results of the DiRECT study came out where almost half of the people reversed their Type 2 diabetes.

A few months ago, the results of DiRECT were confirmed with even better results from a new study, the Middle East Africa T2DM (Diabetes) Remission Study (DIADEM-1). In this study, in an African and Arabian population, 61% of subjects reversed their Type 2 diabetes! Also, each of these people achieved an average of 9.5kg weight loss, results which we’ve seen reflected in dozens of studies over the years.

Another study, in which GPs referred patients to The 1:1 Diet Consultants, wasDROPLET in 2018. This University of Oxford study had an average weight loss of 10.7 kilograms (1 stone 10 lbs) – about 3 ½ times more than the group who got usual NHS obesity care. The most impressive thing about this study was that 62% of subjects liked it so much that they continued to use The 1:1 Diet, at their own expense, after the trial ended.

We’ve put our products and one-to-one support to the test, and the results speak for themselves. Tens of thousands of dieters have achieved incredible results using our Plan, and now what is left is the action that you personally need to take to benefit from the health benefits of a low-calorie diet. We can be confident that The 1:1 Diet delivers safe, effective weight loss, delicious products and can also support in improving dieters’ health.

We have many people reverse their diabetes with 1:1 Diet, Read more on their stories

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