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MY STORY is certainly not unique. I don’t know exactly when my weight issues began but I do know that for years I have been very conscious of being heavy and uncomfortable. It reached a stage where I was miserable – not wanting to be photographed and I would make ridiculous excuses as to why I did not feel like going to the beach or a social interaction. Then one day I saw a poster at a yoga class of a beautiful lady who had successfully transformed her life in very possible way using the Cambridge Weight Plan products and steps.

What did I have to lose? Nothing but a few kilograms and I bought a smoothie and salted caramel bites.  That is how my journey began. I loved the taste of the products, I loved the way the products made me feel, I loved not being bloated and uncomfortable, and I loved my new-found energy.

I lost a total of 20 kgs in my first 6 months – BUT with the correct guidance and support – the BEST NEWS EVER is I have kept the weight off. 

There are so many people that feel the way I did and that is why I became a consultant. I truly care about people, their emotional well-being and health well-being, and I want everyone to experience the benefits of a healthy eating regime.

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