Charlotte’s stats

Age – 28
Height  – 163 cms
Start weight  – 99.5 kg
Current weight  – 63.5 kg
Total loss  – 36 kg

My story

I am an experienced Nutritionist with an extensive background in diet and nutrition. I studied for my bachelor’s degree in Nutrition at Kings College University and my Masters in Sport and Exercise Nutrition at Oxford Brookes University. I moved to Australia and started with Fresh Start Health and Fitness Centre’s as a full time Nutritionist. Since then my role has developed into weight loss coaching as this is where my true passion lies; helping people to become improved, healthier versions of themselves. I am extremely passionate about health, nutrition and fitness and I am happy to say that I live and breathe this every single day.
I am here to provide you with support, encouragement, motivation and most importantly education through your weight loss journey. It is essential to understand that the Cambridge Weight Plan is not a “quick- fix diet” and throughout the time that I spend with you, you will be educated on how to eat correctly following the Cambridge Weight Plan guidelines, so that when you have reached your goal weight you will be able to maintain this long term with a healthy and nutritious diet.
I chose to become a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant after thoroughly researching the products and the plan. I am very impressed with the results as I have seen some amazing weight loss achievements from my clients. There are a wide variety of tasty flavours to choose from and I provide weekly support and motivation to help you stay on track. Most importantly, the Cambridge Weight Plan really does work and you will see great results.

Fancy giving it a go?

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