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My story

I was on my way to work after a very exciting funfilled and relaxing family vacation when it all happened. I was standing at the back of the queue at the airport security check. One security lady walked up to me and asked me to follow her. I was curious about what the problem might be. She took me right to the front of the queue scanned my passport and boarding pass then asked me to go through to the plane.

Getting to the entrance of the plane the air hostess asked me to stand aside for a moment. After clearing about two passengers to go through into the plane she came to me and requested my doctor’s report. It was at this point that it all made sense to me. I knew I had put on some weight during the vacation due to the pains on my knees. But I never thought I had put on so much weight that I looked PREGNANT. It was embarrassing, I felt like fainting.

As soon as I got to work, I recounted my ordeal to my friend who was about to start Cambridge weigh plan program. She gave me the contact of her consultant, I called and we did remote consultation. I took my weight, height, BMI, asked my friend to take a picture of me, completed the form that the consultant had sent me, and forwarded everything to her. I made payment for the meals and they were delivered to me and immediately, I commenced the program.

Twelve (12) days later, I had lost 9kg, one dress size down. I was full of energy, my skin was glowing like never before and of course, the knee pains had completely disappeared. I never felt so good about my body. Everyone around me noticed and the compliments were almost becoming embarrassing. Everyone wanted to know what I did, I kept referring friends and family to the consultant I worked with. Later on, I was told that I could become a consultant too especially since I have my personal story about the program. So here I am today, living proof of the efficacy of the Cambridge Weight Plan program now 1:1 diet plan. I am a believer in the CWP program. I love the New Me.

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