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Between 2015‐ 2020 I was dealing with a lot of stress and hormone imbalances and I gained quite a bit of weight. Then along came 2020 and it was a rough year with the added stress of lockdown I gained quite a bit of weight on top of the baby weight I had yet to lose.

My friend mentioned she was going to try the One2One weight management plan and I decided to join. I had never joined or used any weight-loss plans so the experience was new to me. Being a researcher by nature I started reading up on the plan and the successes that they have had over the years.

The plan was simple enough with the products (which were amazing) and within the first week, I had lost 3.1kg! My weight loss journey is ongoing and I am 3 months in and sitting at 15kgs lost. With weight loss every week since I have started. The products work and doing additional research on nutritious recipes I was able to adjust my meals to line up with the plan. I also have a very busy work-life schedule and the meals and snacks fit in seamlessly.

I am feeling so much lighter, my head feels clearer and I have much more energy. I know that if I can have such great results that I could help others achieve their weight loss goals too! Let me be your personal cheerleader on your journey to health, Mind, Body Be-YOU-tiful.

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