Ayo’s stats

Age – 48
Height  – 180 cms
Previous waist size  – 104 cms
Current waist size –  84 cms
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Darren’s stats

Age  – 46
Height  – 173 cms
Previous waist size  – 99 cms
Current waist size  – 83 cms
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Our story

We probably gained weight for the same reasons, regularly eating out with our families and not picking the healthiest foods to fit in around our busy jobs. Ayo knew every service station on his way to work and what he could get in each. ‘I’d snack on sweets and crisps between stations, then I’d pause for my coffee fix, ordering calorific drinks every time’.

Darren was renowned for his sweet tooth, filling his lunchbox for work with chocolate biscuits and cakes, and never turning down a treat with a cup of tea when meeting with clients. ‘I was also a fan of regular coffee stops for milky coffees!

Darren was the first of us to start Cambridge Weight Plan. ‘I’d seen the amazing results that Ayo’s wife and her friend were achieving, so I got my wife to arrange me an appointment with their Consultant Hannah Jarvis. I started losing weight straight away and soon saw results in my cycling. I was faster and had more energy’.

Not wanting to be left behind and inspired by his wife and Darren’s results, Ayo was spurred on to make his own appointment. ‘I was a month behind Darren, so I had a bit of catching up to do!

The flexible appointments were so convenient for us with our working lives. We were able to weigh in early morning/in the evening and it fitted perfectly around our hectic schedules. Doing the Plan, not only with a friend but our wives too, meant we could all meet up together and have a Sole Source Plus-friendly dinner party! The ready-made shakes and bars worked so well with our busy lifestyles too as we could have our products while we were on the road.

We’re quite competitive and when we’re at our cycling club we’re forever challenging each other. So things got pretty competitive between us when following the Plan. Darren weighed in with his wife Sarah and they also had their own competition going on. But we’d always text each other after the weigh-in to see who’d had the best results that week. We sometimes joked that Hannah’s scales weren’t working when one of us took the lead.

We saw plenty of health benefits too. We were less breathless and sluggish and slept better at night. It’s made a huge difference in our endurance and speed when cycling and it’s encouraged us to take up a bit more exercise, Ayo’s started running again and Darren’s a regular in the gym early in the morning. We’re much more conscious of portion control. We love the Meals In Minutes book. Ayo’s got a bit more adventurous with cooking (goat curry, anyone?) and Darren has detoxed his lunchbox contents. ‘It’s not full of biscuits and cake anymore but I’m still partial to the occasional Jaffa Cake’. I think the fact that we’ve cut out the snacking, picking and service station pit-stops has made the biggest difference. Cambridge has helped us not only lose weight, but change our lifestyles.

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