Rebecca’s stats

Age – 32
Height  – 5ft 4”
Start weight  – 110,7 kilos
Current weight  – 68,4 kilos
Total loss  – 42,3 kilos

My story

Rebecca Hancox is celebrating a successful 2020 resolution with a remarkable six stone weight loss. 32-year-old Rebecca started on The 1:1 Diet in January 2020, deciding that the start of the new year was the perfect time to make a change for good. 

Rebecca’s weight had gradually increased over several years due to being placed on steroids. Her 13-hour shifts as a health care assistant for the NHS also meant she was too tired to cook, leading to her frequently ordering junk food takeaways.

Rebecca’s confidence diminished, as her weight increased, leading to feelings of negativity, which affected her personal life.

 “I would feel stressed and over-eat, resulting in me gaining even more weight. It was a vicious cycle,” she said.

Rebecca’s increasing insecurity meant she felt herself falling into old habits and wanted to hide away from the world.

“I cannot put into words how desperate I was to lose weight and to feel like myself again. After researching which diets work best, I came across The 1:1 Diet and decided to contact my local consultant, Maria Collins.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I walked through her door for the first time, but I am so glad I did it. I could tell that she really wanted to help me; she guided me through each meal replacement product and every Step. I had a feeling that the diet was going to change my life . . . I was right!

“I saw results almost instantly with my new-found determination and Maria’s support.

“On my first week on Plan, I lost nine pounds. I couldn’t believe it! From then on, I have lost weight every week. The meal replacements were an ideal fit for my long work shifts as there was little prep or cooking required.

“Although the global pandemic did come with challenges, I managed to reach my target weight in August 2020 and I’m now successfully maintaining it. Since starting my journey, I’ve lost an incredible six-and-a-half stone in 11 months, going from 17 stone to 10 stone 11 pounds.

“I have so much confidence now. I feel beautiful, healthy, in control and, more importantly, I feel like me again.

“I have no fear of walking out the house and worrying that people are staring at me or laughing about me. I can walk with my head held high.

“I couldn’t have done this without Maria. She has always been there guiding me and making sure I knew that I could do it.”

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