Each Step has been tailored to help you reach your goals. You will work with your Consultant to adapt the Plan so it fits in with your life. There are 6 Steps, but they’re not linear, so you can dance through them, or step past them! Your Consultant will set individual goals and make it personalised to suit you, whilst remaining nutritionally complete to keep you balanced.

Step 1

This Step will help you lose weight quickly and effectively. If you choose this Step, you replace all your everyday food with our nutritionally complete meal replacement products – there’s a huge range to choose from. There’s no meal planning or visits to the supermarket needed – just pick three or four products per day with the help of your Consultant and off you go!

Step 2

Enjoy three products a day as well as a healthy meal of your choice. You can plan this meal yourself or with the help of your Consultant. 

Step 3

There’s even more flexibility here – choose two products as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner! For some recipe inspiration, check out our blog or speak to your Consultant who might have plenty of ideas up their sleeve!

Step 4

If you’re active (with a busy life, hectic job or you’re a gym bunny) then a few more calories might be just what you need. Here you’ll continue to have a couple of products, your lunch and dinner, plus an additional snack – yippee! Your Consultant will continue to support you, to help you keep on track.

Step 5

This Step is super important – it’ll teach you portion control and how to make the right food choices to help maintain your weight. You’ll continue to cook your food in a healthy way whilst still having one of our delicious products throughout the day.

Step 6

This Step is all about maintenance. Your Consultant will still be there with you, even with your new healthy and active lifestyle. You may need a pep talk every now and again, and a reminder of how far you’ve come and how brilliant you are! It’s always a good idea to keep a product on you, a bar in your bag or a pack of bites in your drawer so you always have something to hand. Yay to the new you!

Still hungry for information?

The science behind the diet 

Here comes the sciency bit about The 1:1 Diet; The Consultants, products and Plan

Supported by research

The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan is research-proven to be safe and effective. See the studies here!

Our range of meals, shakes and snacks

We have a huge range of tasty meals, shakes, bars, soups, smoothies and snacks to suit everybody. 

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