We love a success story and The 1:1 Diet has so many we’ve lost count. If your butt doesn’t fit in your little black dress and your belt has no more notches then you might need some encouragement. Our gang of over-achievers are inspirational.

Sharon C.

The 49-year-old is now celebrating an incredible 38kg weight loss and a whole new lease of life.

Reene M. & Bruce E.

Renee McBride and Bruce Elliott are celebrating a life-altering weight loss, with Bruce also reversing his symptoms of type 2 diabetes and reliance on his medication.

Paul W.

After being on medication for 11 years, Paul Williams was convinced he’d never be able to reverse his type 2 diabetes.

Charlotte H.

Boredom was the motivator to eat anything and everything. I was a child who loved to eat and always cleared my plate.

Richard P.

I was a self-confessed comfort eater. I felt happy eating my favourite naughty foods.

Erin T.

At just 21 years of age, I had suffered a stroke and had been in a coma for three weeks.

Suzi S.

Raising children whilst juggling a career, and looking after a very demanding husband in what was a very abusive and destructive marriage, I had no time to spend looking after and caring for myself.

Shannen R.

October 2014 was my first midwife appointment, and the embarrassment I felt hearing that my BMI would put me and my unborn baby at risk was disgraceful.

Skander H.

Food represented my feelings and was the only aspect of my life that I controlled, so I chose to eat anything and everything.

Lisa J.

 I loved food and lots of it! I realised I had a problem when I was a teenager. 

Ian S.

I suffered serious degradation of my spine discs, forcing me to have to retire. Immobility followed 8 months bedridden, and my weight increased dramatically.

Grace M.

My day would consist of eating fast food 3 times a day, every day, with snacks in-between. I felt depressed and stuck in a hole with no way out.

Ayo O. & Darren W.

We probably gained weight for the same reasons, regularly eating out with our families and not picking the healthiest foods to fit in around our busy jobs.

Samantha C.

I was about to turn 25, at over 25 stone, when I decided to change my life. Growing up my weight was always brushed off as me being ‘puppy fat’. 

Gillian M.

Gillian McCallum’s changed her shape so much since losing five-and-a-half stone with The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan that people don’t recognise her!

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