Take a real step to good health

Did you know? Around 8% of women lose their willpower to diet after only one week. Fifteen per cent give up after two weeks! Now, the trick to sustaining real health once you have started your weight loss journey is to take it a step at a time. By doing this, you can manage your eating plan and exercise without becoming overwhelmed by the changes.

At Cambridge Weight Plan we have observed that those that manage to keep to their plan and achieve results, have followed the advise to do the preparation phase of our plan. They not only prepare themselves mentally but take small steps in the beginning.

The 7-day preparation week allows you to, 

1.      Thoroughly prepare your mind and heart – this is a big factor for woman

2.       Slowly Reduce undesirable food like simple carbohydrates, sugar and alcohol

3.      Increase the water intake to the required level

4.      Slowly reduce caloric intake while adding a highly nutritious Cambridge Weight Plan meal to you daily food. A

Going through the preparation phase of our plan makes the weight loss journey so much enjoyable with each week on the plan, giving you the opportunity to easily stepping up to the next level of intensity, when ready.

The Cambridge Weight Plan gets real results because it offers three important things you need to lose weight and maintain the weight loss:

1.      Support from Cambridge Weight Plan consultant to guide you through every step of the way

2.      The flexibility of a range of plans which can be adapted to suit your lifestyle. You can start small and increase the intensity of your plan as you body adjust

3.      A long-term maintenance plan including advice on, stabilisation of your weight loss and weight management.

That’s the reality about getting a healthy life, it’s hard work from the start but at Cambridge Weight Plan we make it easy for you. And because we know that to keep going you need guidance and support. That you also need to change things up every now and again that’s why walk that journey with you.

Maybe you need to relax a little after 5-weeks of dieting, we advice how to do that without gaining weight and causing a Yo-Yo effect. A weight plan that is flexible and can accommodate your needs but keep you on track to real health is what we call effective and sustainable at Cambridge Weight Plan.

If you are ready to step into your good health and achieve your weight goals, then contact Cambridge Weight Plan today

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