Did you know there is a strong link between the COVID-19 mortality rate and obesity? As a matter of fact, there is proof of obese people being at a much higher risk of dying than a person of average weight, in flu pandemics, since the 1950s.

Read this article to find out what factors put people with obesity in the high-risk category of suffering severely from COVID-19 and even dying from the virus.

The 1:1 Diet…. It is the One to offer you One-to- One Support which will ultimately help you to get healthy.  By losing just 10-15kg you will reduce the risk that extra weight puts on your health.

Total Diet Replacement is clinically proven to lead to greater weight loss*

*British Medical Journal

Consultants are super flexible and can work around you

Your consultant is available to help you stay on plan and achieve your most fabulous goals.

If you have symptoms of coronavirus, make sure your consultant knows as soon as possible so the plan can be tailor accordingly.

If you’re in isolation, your consultant will still be there for you as your cheerer-onner, whether it’s a video call on WhatsApp or FaceTime, you still get to do your weekly check-ins!

What’s more, during this current social distancing and isolation period, consultants will have products delivered directly to your door. This can be done by your consultant safely delivering your products at your doorstep, or by having your orders shipped directly to your door. Speak to your consultant to see how the products can be delivered to you. 

This means that life can continue as normal for you in the new normal with a weekly delivery of scrummy products – no need to trawl the shopping aisles!

Our great products are super nutritious 

Our tasty range is full of variety, super easy to make and will last in your cupboards. Want pasta? Why not have our Macaroni Cheese or Spaghetti Bolognese? Fancy rice or noodles? Try our Chicken Tikka Style Curry or Thai Green Style Flavour Noodles. Check out our full product list so you can plan your weeks!

The products are deliciously nutritious and jam-packed with all the quality protein, vitamins and minerals you need. Find out more about our product range

Don’t Forget our delicious Shakes, Smoothies and our breakfast Porridge.  Check out our full product list so you can plan your week the same as any other!

The products are deliciously nutritious and jam-packed with quality protein and vitamins and minerals you need. 

Our flexible plan is available for you to adjust

If you’re already on plan, or are looking to join the The 1:1 Diet, you still can if:

  1. You’re showing symptoms – you’ll need to speak to your consultant as soon as possible about the current Step you’re on. If symptoms are mild, Step 1b or above is recommended. If symptoms are more severe, your consultant will recommend Step 4 or above. 
  2. You’re in isolation – consultants can still provide you with consistent one-to-one support and all the delicious products you need – find out more below.

Remember that if your symptoms are becoming severe, seek medical attention.

The 1:1 Diet is cost effective

Whilst prices vary from Consultant to Consultant, our tasty meal replacement products are staying at an average price of just R45/R55 per product. This is incredible value for money and oh so much healthier for you than bad food choices. Read how The 1:1 Diet costs compare with the costs of eating out or from take-away restaurants. You will be very surprised.

Keep fighting fit!

If you’re in isolation or social distancing, why not check out our blogs for an easy afternoon read and to inspire you on a new fitness adventure? We’ve got plenty of advice to keep you busy and active. Home workouts are good for the mind, body and soul!

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