How unhealthy are you? Get Real
about your lifestyle to Get results

Are you feeling a little bulge and thinking I don’t fit my clothes anymore? Many people with this feeling, rush to the gym or put on their running shoes to hit the streets, only to stop after a few days.  To get healthy or to get some weight-off and to get it to stay off, you must be realistic about your lifestyle. So, where do you start?

You may think the first thing you should do is throw all the bad foods out of your kitchen immediately and get on the treadmill. Well, yes, you should do this, but first you need to get real about your lifestyle. To sustain a healthy life, you must make room for it in your life.

While physical health is achieved by action, the battle is first won in the mind. Taking time to think through several factors will set you up for successes and help you not give up before you start.

The first step in getting real about your lifestyle. Ask yourself and write your answers down.

1) Your current habits, be it eating or exercise

2) Your willingness to make a change

3) Your motivation towards the actions you intend taking

4) The support you need from family and friends

5) The value you attribute to your health and why

This is one of the thinking activities we request you do on Cambridge Weight Plan’s preparation phase. Observation has shown us that many of the Slimmer’s who prepares themselves well achieve better results than most.

We understand what makes people successful at losing and maintaining their weight, that is why our Plan has 4 phases (preparation phase, weigh-loss phase, stabilization phase and maintenance phase). The preparation that you do in your first 7-days of being on the plan will allow you and your Consultant to design the perfect plan to fit your lifestyle, so you effectively benefit from nutritionally balanced meals and the flexible plans.

The Cambridge Weight Plan It is your recipe for real health and weight loss success. To take advantage of this effective sustainable weight loss program, make contact today.

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