Here’s what your food cravings
say about you

Have you ever had the strong urge to eat ice? You could have an iron deficiency. Eating ice in abundance won’t harm you in any way, but you do need to acknowledge that your body is lacking a vital nutrient.

What is worse than craving ice is when you crave foods which are bad for you. So, you usually end up eating badly and ignoring that your diet is lacking in essential nutrients. 

Cravings for certain foods is something all humans deal with regularly, and it means our diet is lacking in vital vitamins and minerals. Or you have been watching too many cooking shows again!

You can shake bad food cravings by opting for a more nutritious alternative. This will help take away the craving plus benefit your all-round health and wellness. Once you begin to replace bad cravings with good food, your nutritional needs will be met.

Take a look at these common bad food cravings and their healthy alternatives, which will help you build better nutrition:

CHOCOLATE – It is very difficult to shake off a chocolate craving until you have binged on too much of it. Your body could be lacking Magnesium which can be found in almonds, pumpkin seeds, bananas, spinach and figs.

SUGARY FOODS – When you constantly crave sugar, it could mean you may have low blood sugar, and if this persists, you should have it checked out because it can be a forewarning to diabetes. The other reason you may be craving sugar is your body could be lacking nutrients such as Carbon, Chromium, Phosphorus, Sulphur or Tryptophan. By loading up on broccoli, chicken or sweet potato, you will curb your craving for sugary foods. Eating more fruit can also help you get your sweet fix.

CARBOHYDRATES – This is probably the most common of cravings because piling our plates with bread, pasta and potatoes is a way of comfort eating. When you are obsessing over carbs, your body is craving the complete opposite, which is protein. Eat things like beans, meat, nuts and eggs, and soon your bad carb cravings will disappear.

Each Cambridge Weight Plan product contains about a third of your recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals. This means you can make up some nutritional cravings with your Cambridge Weight Plan meal allowances as well as the nutrient-rich foods we have discussed in this article. 

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